№4 (4), 2015 Problems and prospects of economics and management


1. Abakumenko Olha, Dorosh Тaras — The cyclical nature of the economy in the context of the austrian school of economics.
2. Baluieva Olha, Chupryna Оlena — Forming approaches to solving problems of internally displaced persons.
3. Butko Mykola, Pepa Taras, Nezhyvenko Alla — Methodical approaches toward economic assessment of the labour potential.
4. Harashchuk Оlena, Kutsenko Vira — Education dominant as a catalyst of dynamic socio-economic development.
5. Hryshova Inna, Krasnorutskyy Oleksiy — Corruption risks and foreign methodology of their evaluation in the system of economic security business.
6. Derii Zhanna, Marhasova Viktoriia — The model of capitalization process management of human potential at the regional level.
7. Krupka Mykhaіlo, Revak Iryna — Priorities of the strengthening the economic security in educational and scientific spheres of Ukraine.
8. Bondarenko Svitlana — The use of the lean production in enterprise tqm system in the unstable market conditions.
9. Zelenska Olena, Zelenskyi Serhii, Alieshuhina Nataliia — The role of international summits in solving the food problem in the world.
10. Zosymenko Tetіana — Harmonization of technical requirements in the trade for the ACQUIS EU: analysis of the impact on stakeholders in Ukraine.
11. Tkalenko Svitlana, Zhulid-Khrystosenko Yuliia — Clustering of creative industries in the Еuropean Union.
12. Kholodnytska Alla — Indicative assessment of the quality of life of the population of Сhernihiv region.
13. Kozar Viktoriia — Strategic directions of preservation and development of labor potential.
14. Viknianska Olena, Priadko Volodymyr — Strategic planning of the optimal structure of the supply chain.


15. Ilchuk Valerii, Khomenko Inna — Increasing productive capacity of transport undertakings.
16. Skrypnyk Marharyta, Ambarchian Marharyta — Development of areas of retail trade, export and import of footwear in Ukraine in 2011–2014: analyzing the dynamics.
17. Andriienko Мariia — Efficiency assessment of container transport on the railway.
18. Voloshenko Olena — Forecasting results of the strategy of ecologically oriented development of light industry enterprises.
19. Mykhailiuk Nataliіa — Ensuring financial stability of agricultural enterprises.
20. Sirenko Kristina — Methods of monitoring innovation processes in light industry of Ukraine.
21. Solomakha Iryna, Zhabynska Alena — Influence of the auction activity on the dynamics of export-import of flower production of the Netherlands.
22. Serohina Nataliia — The system of measures of development of the road infrastructure at the region.
23. Davydiuk Oleksandr — The theoretical foundations of implementation of the economic nature of conflicts of agricultular productions.
24. Elenovskyy Vitaliy — Factors of internal region agrofood market development.
25. Tarasenko Artem — The formation of supply and demand on the food market based on the infrastructure provision.


26. Demchak Ruslan — Decentralization of budgetary relations as an instrument of providing regional development.
27. Ivanova Nataliia — Transformation transitions and reformation of infrastructural potential of the region.
28. Papizh Yu. — Cluster of mining region: conceptual bases of formation for optimizing the economy.
29. Popelo Olha — Innovative activity as a dominant component of modernization of productive forces of the region.
30. Gryshov Vladyslav, Krasnodemska Olena — Priority directions of administrative transformations in the agrarian sphere.
31. Paziuk Viktoriia — Analysis of the state and dynamics of development of wine market in Ukraine.
32. Oliychenko Ihor, Ditkovska Maryna — Synergetic approach to the management of socio-economic development of the region.


33. Vasylieva Tetiana, Tsyhaniuk Dmytro — Ukrainian credit market: current problems and upcoming prospects.
34. Horal Liliana, Korol Svitlana — The classification base of researching investments in the oil and gas sector.
35. Kravchuk Hanna, Savchenko Tetiana — Scientific and methodological approaches to assessing credit portfolio of banks.
36. Abramova Alla, Savchuk Tetiana, Zhavoronok Artur — Customs payments as a part of the state budget income.
37. Hizatullina Olena, Chuchko Olena — Assessment of effectiveness of tools of monetary regulation in Ukraine.
38. Demchenko Maksym — International gold and foreign exchange reserves in the context of financial stability of countries.
39. Dubyna Maksym, Tarasenko Olena, Нorna Yana, Nitchenko Kateryna — Peculiarities of financial companies functioning on the market of financial services of Ukraine.
40. Zhariy Yadviha — The toolkit of comprehensive controlling in the system of banking risk management.
41. Zamlynskyi Viktor — Formation of venture funds in Ukraine.
42. Osadcha Tetiana — Profitability of rental income: identification of factors of influence.
43. Panchenko Olena — The market of insurance intermediaries in terms of macroeconomic instability.
44. Parubets Olena, Palokha Olha — Increasing of the financial autonomy of local budgets based on the development of the municipal credit.
45. Fedoronko Nataliia — Methods of financial analysis of consolidated financial statements.
46. Antonenko Nadiia, Khomenko Viktoriia — The development of the audit in Ukraine to the standards of the European Union.
47. Lagodienko Natalia — Financial protection of the processing enterprises of agricultural production during economic conflicts management.
48. Boіchenko Vita — Estimation of probability of banking crisis in Сentral and Еastern Еurope.


49. Hryhorevska Olena, Kalenchenko Tetiana — Problems of timely and full display of cash flows in accounting system.
50. Tseben Ruslan — Use of information technologies in internal audit.
51. Shevchuk Vira, Kondratieva Vira — Organizational aspects of outsourcing of the internal audit in Ukraine.
52. Niporko Nataliia — The formation of the accounting system on a small enterprise: managerial aspect.
53. Nizhenska Iryna — Economic security of the national economy: impact factors and threats.
54. Maslіuk Vira — Financial statements of joint investment institutions in risk management.
55. Ambarchian Victoriіa — Accounting frameworks of the countries that did not adopt IFRS.
56. Cherkashyna Tetiana, Slutskyi Yevhen — Methodological support of national statute (standard) accounting in the public sector of Ukraine 121 “fixed assets”.
57. Onyshchuk Yuliіa — Analytical characteristics of Ukraine sugar industry.