Problems and Prospects of the Economy and Management – an academic

journal, which covers  actual issues of the national economy

development,functioning of  economic entities. 

        The scientific journal is included in the list of scientific professional publications of Ukraine,

         approved by the Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine dated

         07.05.2019  No. 612, according to which the journal was awarded category "B".


Founder and Publisher: Chernihiv National University of Technology.

1996-1998 - Visnyk of Chernigov Institute of Technology: Collected Articles.

1999-2005 - Visnyk of Chernihiv State Technological University: Collection of Scientific                           Papers. State registration certificate KV №1712.

2005-2015 - Visnyk of Chernihiv State University of Technology. Series "Economic                                  sciences": Collection of Scientific Papers. State registration certificate number                                          KV 14995-3967 PR  dated March 05, 2009.

2015-till present time - Problems and prospects of economics and management:                                      Scientific Journal.  tate registration certificate № 21189-10989 SW PR                                                      dated February 03, 2015.

ISSN 2519-4828 (ONLINE) ISSN 2411-5215 (PRINT)


Frequency: quarterly.

Language of articles: Ukrainian, Russian and English.

Geography of the authors: unlimited.

Reviewing: All articles are reviewed by leading experts in economics;

magazine included in the list of scientific professional publications

(MESU Order №1714 from 28.12.2017);


The purpose of the academic journal Problems and Prospects of the Economy 

and Management is publication of the outcomes of the scientific research

of domestic and foreign scientists in the field of the national economy development,

functioning of economic entities.


To achieve the above goal, basic objectives of the issue of the academic journal Problems

and Prospects of the Economy and Management are defined:

providing the researchers with the opportunity to cover their own scientific 

   and economic research outcomes;

provision of the public access to publications of domestic and foreign 

   scholars in the field of economics;

formation of the open scientific space of interaction of the scientists conducting 

   economic research;

assistance in the development of economic science through deepening 

   its theoretical and applied provisions;

the support of young scientists, graduate students and doctoral students.


Thematic sections of the journal: 

1. Theoretical problems of the national economy development

2. The sectoral aspect of the national economy development

3. Problems of management and development of productive forces of the region

4. Financial resources: problems of formation and use

5. Accounting, control and audit: theoretical and methodological aspect


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